Righteous bits

On Neil Young’s Pono project:

The big deal about Pono is, of course, that 24/192 audio is meant to sound better even than CD, let alone lossily-compressed MP3s or AACs. According to Neil Young, digital-music listeners today, who are almost all listening to music data-reduced via MP3 or some other lossy codec, are as a result enduring sound worse than that from a 78-RPM shellac record.

Seriously, that’s what he says. He’s been on the Late Show and the Daily Show and various other Shows saying it for more than a year now. And he may be exaggerating a bit, but he is not joking.

And actually, I think that from his own point of view he may be right, in a way. But the only way for him to be right is a terrible one, that leaves me wondering if everybody else is just humouring this old guy with a large wallet.

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