Music’s Youtube Threat

Bob Lefsetz on tanking album sales and Youtube:

…music streaming comes free with the new Microsoft OS. Which may be a failure, but has still sold millions. Traction? NONEXISTENT! Because the big streaming kahuna is YouTube. That’s where the under 25′s go for music. And this is your problem artists. You’re getting paid a pittance. You want your listeners to go to Spotify, you’re just too ignorant to say so. Kind of like the labels who wanted to kill P2P downloading while proffering no alternative.

Why is Youtube used for music? I can think of a few reasons, but when I use it I’m almost always using it because I want to share a track with somebody. With Youtube I can send somebody a link and know that they’ll be able to listen to it. No so with Spotify, Rdio, Rhapsody, iTunes, Amazon MP3, or any of the other streaming music sites out there you need an account with.

Sharing music with Youtube is quick and easy, requires no sign-up, and requires no software other than a web browser. It’s the lowest common denominator in sharing just about any audiovisual medium on the web.

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