Spotify Retorts

Spotify recently tweeted this link:

Let’s take a look. You can read it all here.

Make no mistake that the reason for the current state of reduced revenues for new artists is piracy, and NOT Spotify.

I would argue that there’s a deeper thing at work here, that’s it’s the devaluation of the art form, not just piracy, that got the recorded music market in this mess. Spotify, Internet Radio, Amazon MP3’s daily deals, and piracy have taught the market that $10 is too much for an album.

It was never meant to be a replacement for the old retail infrastructure, it was meant to make Piracy obsolete by providing an amazing online service, at a reasonable cost to the user/music fan. You cut off Spotify, and you are cutting off your nose to spite your face.

I think there’s a strawman here, but I’m not smart enough to articulate what it is (X is the only solution we have to Y / if you aren’t with us you’re with the terrorists). Neither Yorke nor Godrich are saying these ideas are bad, just the way they’re structured are not going to work in the long run.

If you really want to take issue with someone, take issue with the license holders of your songs and the rate you’ve contractually negotiated with them, not Spotify.

Godrich previously posted that, in their case, their license holders are NOT the problem here.

This isn’t a 1970’s Billy Joel we’re talking about here. You’d think if anybody would have an understanding of how record deals are structured it’s these guys.

The level of awareness generated by Spotify for new artists, having the engine searching your existing playlists and tastes, with the right Spotify applications such as Spotify radio, can bring your music to the ears of millions of new potential fans that just random placement on some bittorent site would never do.

You know how designers are always being told how they should work for free for the exposure and awareness? This is the music equivalent of that. Fuck you, pay me.

You can’t fight the future or the advancement of technology, it is pointless.

There’s the future and advancement of technology, and then there’s the agenda of an entity with major label backing. They are not the same.