Spotify Does iTunes’s Heavy Lifting

I usually don’t link to forum threads, but this thread on Macrumors about iRadio makes the point I was thinking of writing about.

Originally Posted by aheying7
As a high school student, I can say everyone I know quit using iTunes and uses Spotify exclusively now. That’s what Apple needs to compete with, NOT Pandora. In other words, you should always be able to pick the song like Spotify.

As a college student, I agree with you completely.
Something weird I’ve found: I listen to a lot of music on Spotify on a free plan, and about once a week I find a song I like so much that I buy it on the iOS music store just so I can listen to it on my iPhone. So Spotify basically is doing all the work of convincing me to buy the song, but then Apple is the one collecting the money when I decide to buy it.

Spotify serves as music discovery, but it’s not making the money. Apple is.