Rhapsody Offers Sage Advice To Rival Upstarts

Rhapsody’s Jon Maples on how to make streaming services stand-out…or rather, what might not be workng. For example, Paramore’s exclusivity with Rdio:

What’s questionable is what Rdio will really get out of it…For the record, Rhapsody would have loved to offer the record. But we’re not sure if exclusives really do help either the service or the band. Last month we had 30,000 fans play the band in our service. All who pay $10 a month to listen to all music they care to. Which they can do today since Rdio’s exclusive is over.

This is ultimately why I dislike streaming services as my only source of music. Streaming music collections feel as though they’re determined by business deals, not by what I actually like and enjoy.