Buy This: 4 Port USB Wall Charger

Amazon wants $20 for that stupid adapter (that’s no longer included with Kindle readers) that lets you plug your Kindle’s USB cable into a wall outlet for charging.


That’s dumb and you shouldn’t put up with it. But all your electronics have some kind of power adapter. Your plugs are all taken up with ugly things. It’s DISGUSTING!

Buy this thing instead.


It’s a USB wall charger. A plug folds out from the back, you stick that into your outlet, and you’ve got 4 USB ports that you can plug all your electronic stuff into for charging. iPad? Hells yeah. iPhone and iPod Touch? Hells yeah. Android thingy? Okay, sure why not I guess. Kindle? Plug dat shit in.

No more adapters and it doesn’t cost a ridiculous $20. It costs $8. You can buy two of these things for the price of one stupid Kindle adapter. Keep one at home and keep another in your laptop bag.

It’s a good thing.

EDIT: I have been informed that there are better options like this and this.