Negative Feedback Before Its Time – Manager Tools

This. This so much.

You do not need to know why people do things, because everyone always means to do the right thing. Ask yourself, when was the last time you intentionally set out to mess something up and then were pleased when you were able to do it. It doesn’t happen.

When people say we need to find out why your direct did th—NO YOU DON’T! You need to correct them for the next time, because the more time you spend trying to find out why they did it, they’re going to have more reasons why what they did was right, causing them to be more defensive to say “what I did was right, so I don’t know why I should do it differently next time.”

Effective managers are not concerned with the inspiration the direct has. They are concerned with the outcome of the behaviors.

When managers go down this road of trying to be Sherlock Holmes on mistakes, they are going backwards, not forwards.

If you work in an office and are not already listening to Manager Tools, you should.

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