“Why I Purchased My First Hand Gun”

I have also been thinking of buying a gun and going to firing ranges for this reason.

…anyone with knowledge of crime and criminal statistics will tell you: the police can’t prevent crime. They can thwart it and discourage it, but more often than not, they arrive after the crime has been committed.

When I tell people this the reaction I get is as if I’ve gone brain dead. Why would you EVER need a gun? Don’t you know that your chances of getting shot SKYROCKET when you buy a gun?1

When I was in junior high school I once got into a fight. That night my dad asked me if I wanted him to teach me to fight. I declined, saying something like “I don’t intend to get into fights.”

Well, I don’t want to get into any fights, but I should have taken him up on it, because I’d rather know how to fight and never use it than have to defend myself and not know how.

I have the same feeling on firearms. I never WANT to use a firearm to defend myself, but if by some small chance I need to I’ll be glad I know how.

  1. Which makes sense. If you ride in a car today you’re more likely to get into a head-on collision than if you stayed home. 

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