Sade — Promise


Year: 1985
Label: Portrait
Length: 54:06

Oddly (is it so odd?) I got into Sade through MF Doom.

A lot of great music that I’ve heard for the first time is because of MF Doom beats. MF Doom used a lot of Sade. Check out Doom’s All Spice and you’ll hear Sade’s Is It A Crime.

Is It A Crime is also one of the best intro tracks I’ve heard in a long time. I don’t know what qualifies it to be that, but I just feel it man. Maybe I need to listen to this more, but, for me, the whole album is propped up by that first track.

Also odd, my brother really likes Sade. I don’t get it. He listens to a lot of reggae.

Track # Name Rating
1 of 11 Is It A Crime ★★★★★
2 of 11 The Sweetest Taboo ★★★★
3 of 11 War Of The Hearts ★★★
4 of 11 You’re Not The Man ★★★
5 of 11 Jezebel ★★★★
6 of 11 Mr Wrong ★★★★
7 of 11 Punch Drunk ★★★
8 of 11 Never As Good As The First Time ★★★
9 of 11 Fear ★★★
10 of 11 Tar Baby ★★★
11 of 11 Maureen ★★★