What You Lose When You Sign That Organ-Donor Card

I want to donate my organs, but when I’m DEAD dead, not just brain dead.

If that seems selfish, it probably is, but read this perspective from a med student and you might change your tune. Emphasis mine.

I’m not far enough along in my medical training to have any first-hand observations of how transplant harvests are done on brain dead patients, and I can’t confirm the veracity of Teresi’s reports. Nevertheless, I have long refused to be an organ donor on my driver’s license for another reason: I don’t trust physicians I don’t know to have my best interests in mind. Even as a 16-year-old kid applying for my first driver’s license, it only took me a second to realize that I have many organs and only one me, and that a physician with a shoddy set of ethics could easily put less effort into saving me if he knew that my organs could save 3 other patients. Before I got to medical school, I had debates (on a number of occasions) with people who told me that this was stupid—doctors would never do that. Their first commitment is to you. They didn’t convince me, and for good reason. Because when I got to medical school, I realized all the more how right I was and how wrong they were.

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