Gaming Bigots

Of course few people want to mix politics with their fun but sadly I don’t think those of us who feel such behaviour is repulsive can continue to turn a blind eye to it. I’ve done it. I’ve found myself playing online with homophobic assholes and simply muted them…when unchallenged these attitudes fester like cancer. When those who object don’t act, those who behave this way are validated and encouraged to continue acting like pricks. In short, I and others who feel the same about this but do nothing have been ceding ground to these people and that is a big problem.

Bigotry and sexism is a part of gaming culture, not because people who play games are bigoted and sexist, but because gaming culture is largely made up of stupid teenage boys, and stupid teenage boys are bigoted and sexist. They’re validated not when they’re ignored, but when they get a rise out of people.

Some battles aren’t worth fighting, and trying to convince someone who’s bigoted and sexist that they should not be bigoted and sexist, while you’re sitting in your living room wearing a headset and holding a controller, is one of them.

It doesn’t make you weak. It makes you wiser since have better things to do than argue with dumb teenagers you met online.

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