Shreds of Data

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek:

I’d also like to address people who think they’ll gain sales by not being on Spotify. There’s not a shred of data to suggest that. In fact, all the information available points to streaming services helping to drive sales.

There’s no formal data, but I know I’ve purchased less music since Spotify. I am not a paying Spotify subscriber.

I have a playlist, To Listen For The First Time, that I populate with music I might like. Anything I like I save in a playlist and go through at the end of the month to evaluate if it’s worth purchasing for my iTunes library.

Before this, I would buy things on impulse. $5 albums on Amazon MP3? I better not miss these deals. No more. Now I buy stuff I actually like. I rarely buy stuff on impulse. Now I buy less music.

But, benefit of the doubt, I don’t think I’m representative of most music listeners.

Ek again:

Album unit sales [were] up in the U.S. in 2011, the year Spotify launched, for the first time since 2004. More than a dozen albums which debuted at number one have been available on Spotify at launch.

It appears that he’s insinuating that Spotify is responsible for the increase in album sales. I haven’t seen a shred of data to suggest that. Let’s see what happens in 2012.