The Simple Dollar

Trent Hamm’s book, based off his website of the same name, isn’t so much about finance, investing, and saving for retirement, but about creating the proper mindset to get the most out of the things that financial independence will allow you to enjoy.

Includes what I believe to be good advice, like this:

Do not borrow money from family or friends to pay off high-interest debts. Borrowing money from people you love puts a completely new dynamic on the relationship, adding a lender-borrower relationship to the mix.


Experiences always trump things. Experiences do not require maintenance. They do not take up space in your home. They stay with you in your heart. Fill your life with experiences. Chase the things you’ve always dreamed of doing, and leave the things on the store shelves where they belong.

As of this date it’s $2.69 for Kindle.

If you’re interested in something with more meat in it, I’ve heard that I Will Teach You To Be Rich is pretty good.

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