Yes, Apple Does Social Media

The Ad Contrarian:

Apple still doesn’t have an official Twitter feed or Facebook page. They don’t jump from one gimmick to another. They are not desperate to hop on every fad that comes along. They are the most successful technology company in the world, yet they understand that communication is best done human-to-human.

Apple, the company, doesn’t have this stuff. But iBooks does, the App Store does, and the iTunes music store does.

Apple’s iTunes and App stores benefit from having these accounts because apps and music, in a way, are fads. They’re really popular for a little while until the next thing comes along. Tweetbot, for example, was all over Apple tech blogs when it came out. I spent the $2.99 or whatever it was, used it for 5 minutes, didn’t like it, and went back to Twitterrific.

I bet a lot of music and apps are sold that way: quick and easy purchase followed by buyer’s remorse.

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