Fleetwood Mac Is An Endangered Species

From an interview with Stevie Nicks on Riff City:

The way you used to make it, you get paid nothing and you’re starving and you play little tiny gigs and learn your craft. And now people don’t really sing and they don’t really tour. I think it’s sad and it’s unfortunate for the music industry. In 20 years, there’s not going to be another Fleetwood Mac or Led Zeppelin because they don’t have time to develop.

Before The Music Dies explores these issues of technology, manufactured music, creating a flavor of the month, autotune…during one interview somebody says something like “Stevie Wonder would not make it today. Ray Charles would not make it today. They’re blind.”

On the other hand I’m comforted by how much new music is available that people create in their homes. There’s a ton of new music that you may love just waiting to be discovered.