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Stephen Schleicher writes about switching to digital comics on his iPad:

Knowing that I have a digital day and date release at my fingertips, means I don’t have to worry about getting my Previews order in three months ahead of time. I won’t have to worry about a storyline suddenly losing my interest, yet I still committed to buying three more months of issues. If I do drift away, I also know I won’t be caught empty handed when the series rebounds and I discover the store is sold out.

Having never ever ever ever read comics before (besides Calvin and Hobbes and Maus) I’m finding it interesting how digital comics have become a doorway for people like me who’d never go to a comic book store.

That’s what my attitude has been.1 I’ve fast-forwarded through parts of Macbreak Weekly where it sounded like Andy Ihnatko was going to go on a comic book/iPad love letter for 10 minutes. But having recently finished The Walking Dead Compendium I just need to know what’s going to happen next, and digital versions have been the quickest way to catch up.

AMC’s The Walking Dead has introduced more people to the comic book series, so having a digital version ready to grab immediately means good news for everyone involved. Seems like The Walking Dead is to comics as Harry Potter is to books.2

But, let me get this straight–and you Ihnatkos can email me if I’m wrong. Comic book nerds fans must buy all their print copies from a retailer?

The Comixology app has some kind of pull list that I haven’t made sense of yet. I see that Walking Dead volumes and collections are on sale at Amazon, and I can even get printed collections through my library’s loan system. I wish I could subscribe to The Walking Dead like a magazine and get a print copy in the mail each month, but it appears that this distribution model, with the pulling, and the pre-orders, and other hipping, bipping and bopping, is in place so that comic book retailers stay in business and support the most voracious comic book readers.

Ok, that’s fine. So if you still don’t want to set foot into a comic book store then digital is the next best thing.

EDIT: Jen wrote in about comic book subscriptions:

Lots of stores have programs where you can get them in the mail! Here’s one of the more famous ones in NYC:

If you want to be nice to your local store (not sure what that is), you can call them up and ask if they do mail order, but they might not do it if you only get one book a month.

Also, I don’t blame you for never wanting to go to a comic book store – but if you want the safest day, do it on a Tuesday. No one ever goes in comic book stores on Tuesday because all new issues are released on Wednesday.

  1. No offense comic book fans, but some of you guys are sketchy. I don’t like going to Gamestop either. 

  2. Which probably means that people who read The Walking Dead will make it the only comic they read, although I am interested in what Marvel is doing with The Stand