Learning to Read with Worlds of Power

It’s pretty amazing to me that Seth Godin is the guy who created the Worlds of Power books.


From the Wikipedia:

The producer of the series, Seth Godin, used the pen name “F.X. Nine.” Godin said one day that when he talked to his nephew he discovered that the boy did not read for pleasure. Instead the boy played NES games. Godin decided to create books that appealed to children who played video games. Godin, the head of a book packaging company, created the series idea, selected games to novelize, found writers for the books, and contacted the publisher for approval. Nintendo negotiated with Godin but negotiations failed. The other video game creators successfully negotiated and Scholastic Books approved the project. 1up.com described Godin’s role in publishing as “similar to that of a movie producer in the film industry.”

I read a few of these as a kid, particularly for the same reasons they were created. I had trouble learning to read. Plus I hadn’t found anything I liked to read up until that point.

Between these books and a Nintendo Power subscription that my parents got me things started turning around.

As a reader of Godin’s blog I find it interesting that it’s come full circle.

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  1. I remember really enjoying reading books about the games I played. I had both the cart and book for Blaster Master. What an awesome, effed up game.

    I had no idea that was orchestrated by Seth Godin. Very cool.

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