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Written on March 1, 2009 – 9:48 am | by Dan

Bob Lefsetz on Todd Rundgren:

But how come no one under twenty five seems to know Todd Rundgren? How come he had to do that execrable New Cars tour for the cash? Can’t we bring one of our supremely talented musicians/producers/engineers back? Someone who cut the Band’s “Stage Fright” and produced Grand Funk’s greatest track ever, “We’re An American Band”?

Not to mention “Bat Out Of Hell”… Supposedly Todd cashed out his production royalty and bought a spread in Hawaii. He’s talent rich, and cash poor. And that just sucks. If Concord Records could give Ray Charles a final hurrah, can’t we do the same for Todd? As well as so many unsung geniuses?

Indeed, Todd Rundgren is a musician to admire these days. He played most, if not all the instruments on his albums before the days of bedroom studios and digital recording. His albums range from the soft rock he’s known for, like Hello, It’s Me, to electronic music and harder, arena rock.

Maybe that’s why he’s so overlooked. You can’t nail him down. As a musician he’s a chameleon; each record is different from the last. The ability for an artist to try something new with each record is something that we simply don’t value - and he’s been punished for it.

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