Exploiting Friend-of-Friend: How Facebook Can Become An Effective Dating Site

Written on March 25, 2009 – 7:37 pm | by Dan

Single people: Are you sick of seeing this crap on Facebook?


I am.

Thing is - I’ll never sign up for Singlesnet or any dating site. I don’t want to meet somebody on those sites. If I were looking I’d rather meet somebody who my friends already know and can vouch for.

Hey, Facebook knows who my friends are. The Facebook knows all! It knows my sexual preference, whether I’m single or not, and which friends of my friends in my regional networks are single and interested in people like me.

Single folks - don’t you think Facebook would be a really effective dating site? Here’s how it could work:

  1. Let single men and women opt-in to the Facebook dating service
  2. Your friends-of-friends who are looking for dates appear in the sidebar, just like that depressing ad does.
  3. That person seems interesting? Cute? Maybe they’re up your alley after you read a short bio she/he has provided to Facebook for this service.
  4. You want to meet? Vote them up. That will send something to your mutual friends so that they can vote on whether or not you two would be a good match
  5. Do you never want to see this person in your sidebar again or have you recommended to him/her through the service? No problem. Vote them down and it’s taken care of.

    The difference? Your friends are involved - just like in real life.

    So Facebook, steal this idea. Give us something the single people can use.

    As for me - will I use it? I dunno. I don’t do the internet dating thing. Plus this thing sounds kind of creepy…


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