Put Your Last Played Last.FM Track In Your Adium Status

Written on February 28, 2009 – 9:51 am | by Dan

Ever since getting a Dell Mini I’ve felt somewhat disconnected from my music collection, which lives on my main machine. I used to used Adium’s iTunes script to show what was currently playing in my IM status. But now that I use IM on the Mini, I’m playing music off my iPod, and iTunes is never open. Although, I may stream music from Last.FM.

So there’s a way to work this to use your Last.FM profile instead of iTunes. What if you could simply use an Adium script to look up your Last.FM profile information and stick the last scrobbled track in your profile?

This Adium Xtra does just that. Simply insert the script, enter your username and how often you’d like that information to refresh, and you’re good to go.

Display the last track you’ve submitted on your Last.fm account. If you’re like me and play your music on another computer or media center, you can use this Xtra to show the track you’re playing now or recently played. Just like Last.fm it displays either:

"currently listening to Come To Daddy by Aphex Twin"

or, if the song is played more then 10 minutes ago:

"was listening to Come To Daddy by Aphex Twin 23 minutes ago"
"was listening to Come To Daddy by Aphex Twin 1h and 4m ago"

It’s Last.fm friendly, since it uses a delay for fetching the last track of the last.fm server.


Put the following in your name, status message or message:


username: your last.fm username

delay: refresh time for fetching track of server (Adium refreshes like every 30 sec. so set delay to ‘6′ for every 3 minutes)


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