Back to the old theme

Written on February 22, 2009 – 5:22 pm | by Dan

If you’ve been reading the RSS/Atom feed, you wouldn’t have noticed that I changed my theme recently. Today I changed it back.

Web design is kind of a funny thing these days, especially if you get most of your internet reading material through feeds. Design should help you navigate and read content. If you’re a heavy RSS user than you may have taken that for granted, like I have. Frankly, I didn’t think the theme I was using for the past few months did that very well. It looked alright, but I don’t think it fit very well with what I like to write about, and I don’t think that it gave enough width to the posts area.

So, not wanting to spend more time finding the perfect theme, I went back to the one I was satisfied with before.

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  2. By Eric on Feb 25, 2009 | Reply

    Sorry to hear that. I did like it though. But, hey, you’r the boss!

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