You may still want to use FlickrExport

Written on January 30, 2009 – 7:57 pm | by Dan

One of the first things I thought when seeing that iPhoto ‘09 supports Flickr out of the box is “Oh, there goes FlickrExport.” Apple has a history of eating its children.

Turns out that iPhoto ’09’s support for Flickr is limited enough to still give room for plugins like FlickrExport. Frasier Spiers, Flickrexport’s developer, takes a look at iPhoto 09’s Flickr support and makes the case well.

There is no support for editing your iPhoto metadata before uploading: the descriptions, tags and title that you enter in iPhoto will appear on Flickr. I know that a lot of Flickr users want to have a different tag set on their own computer than on Flickr. One particular use case is photos of children. It makes a lot of sense to tag photos of your children with their name - it helps with searching and remembering who’s who as they grow up - but do you want your child’s full name on Flickr? iPhoto doesn’t give you that control.

Spiers also states that iPhoto wants to make a Flickr set for basically everything you’ll ever upload. Thing is, one of the reasons I think Flickr is losing ground to Facebook is that it limits its basic accounts to 3 sets. Until they lift that I don’t understand how that behavior would be desirable at all.

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