Link: Metallica’s New Album Sounds Better in Guitar Hero than CD

Written on September 21, 2008 – 8:46 am | by Dan

I haven’t heard it yet, but Death Magnetic has apparently been squashed flat - no dynamics at all, unless you’re listening to the Guitar Hero version:

Via 1up:

Metallica’s latest album, Death Magnetic, was finally released to the world on September 10 — including to Guitar Hero III players, as the album was also released in-full as downloadable content. But according to keen-eared fans who’ve heard both versions, it turns out the sound quality in the Guitar Hero DLC is actually better than the quality of the retail CD. And according to Ian Shepherd, a mastering engineer and DVD author at SRT, they aren’t just hearing things.

Check out the difference in the waveforms between the Guitar Hero version (top) and the CD (bottom) that SRT Mastering Engineer Ian Shepherd notes:


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