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Party Shuffle: A Test In Scrolling

Feedback I submitted to Apple about the following: I use playlist folders to help sort through the various static and smart playlists I have. Party Shuffle is a great iTunes feature that doesn’t use these folders to its advantage, in … Continue reading

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Duran Duran’s “Save A Prayer” Performed With Nintendo DS

Via Matrixsynth:

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Link: Metallica’s New Album Sounds Better in Guitar Hero than CD

I haven’t heard it yet, but Death Magnetic has apparently been squashed flat – no dynamics at all, unless you’re listening to the Guitar Hero version: Via 1up: Metallica’s latest album, Death Magnetic, was finally released to the world on … Continue reading

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Lovin’ The Amazon MP3 Store: Deals, Tweets, and User Feedback

Want to get some really good deals on music? Make sure you follow AmazonMP3 on Twitter. If you’re a music lover then you don’t want to miss Amazon’s Daily Deals. It’s a great way to discover and purchase music with … Continue reading

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Lovin’ The Amazon MP3 Store: Passive-Aggressive DRM

Besides saving a dollar here and there using Amazon’s MP3 store, the main reason I like Amazon over iTunes is its use of what I call passive-aggressive DRM. Passive-Aggressive DRM is the way Apple keeps you from sharing music you’ve … Continue reading

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Lovin’ The Amazon MP3 Store: The AAC/MP3 Fidelity Argument

I’ve been getting upset that AAC hasn’t gotten as much support as MP3, but the more I think about it the more I realize that MP3 is the smarter choices for these stores. I prefer AAC, but MP3 has wider … Continue reading

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Lovin’ The Amazon MP3 Store: Intro

I’m finding myself eating my own words on the Amazon MP3 store. About a year ago I wrote: I’d like to see more details on the pricing, but from what the early indications are there is nothing unique about what … Continue reading

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How Do Movies Get Made?: 30 Days of Night

INT – Boardroom Of Major Movie Studio Company president: Alright folks – let’s cut to the chase! We need a movie, we need to make it fast and cheap, and we need to make some money on it…and we need … Continue reading

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August 2008 Posts Roundup

Happy Labor Day folks. Here’s a selection of entries from Barbarism Begins at Home from August 2008: Sign In To Get Personalize Recommendations Classical Music Needs a Gary Vaynerchuk Writing Chord Progressions Is Like Playing Killer Instinct The iTunes “Last … Continue reading

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