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Seriously, He’s An Edgy Guy

It’s been a while since I used the Phil Collins category‚Ķ

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microKorg Editing – Hardware Synth Software is BLAH

I’m thinking of writing a longer post about the state of hardware synth editor software – but the below is interesting to me. Here’s a quick video demonstration of someone using the Windows version of the microKorg editor. Now check … Continue reading

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The iTunes “Last Chance” Playlist

If you’ve read the iTunes Zero article you’ll know that I’m very meticulous about everything in my iTunes library – and chances are you probably do the same things. One of the other problems you may be facing is that … Continue reading

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It’s always a little weird when you realize that something that seems obvious is also something that isn’t implemented well in an Apple app. < p>For example: Using to send attachments. Try attaching something to an email in … Continue reading

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Writing Chord Progressions Is Like Playing Killer Instinct

Another takeaway from the Benjamin Zander TED talk is how writing chord progressions is like playing Killer Instinct. Killer Instinct is a fighting game that took a different path than using Mortal Kombat’s fatalities. KI had fatalities, but it was … Continue reading

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Classical Music Needs a Gary Vaynerchuk

After watching the Benjamin Zander TED speech, it occurs to me that a lot of the problems that classical music has are the same kinds of problems that wine has. Like wine, there are some myths about classical music that … Continue reading

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One Man Piano Phase

Peter Aidu plays Steve Reich’s “Piano Phase” with an absolutely unique technique: with a left hand on one instrument and the right hand on the second piano – he alone performs the score for two pianists Via: one man piano … Continue reading

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CD vs. Digital – For Musicians

Derek Sivers posts about publishing your music digitally or still using CDs. The real question is: How much of your potential audience are you willing to exclude? This is a topic that I wondered about last year when Kindercore said … Continue reading

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July 2008 Posts Roundup

From the previous month: Deastro – Light Powered CRM Magazine Doesn’t Know What a Podcast Is People Rocking Out To Final Fantasy on Youtube Wallpaper. – T.Rex Being Afraid of Failure Doesn’t Help Music Sharing on Pownce and Last.FM Would … Continue reading

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Ninja Gaiden 3D Layered Bead Sprite

Ninja Gaiden 3D Layered Bead Sprite, originally uploaded by Doctor Octoroc. There needs to be more of this.

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