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Coldplay and Indie Band Independently Come Close To The Same Radio-Friendly Melody

Indie band The Creaky Boards claim that Coldplay’s Viva La Vida is a rip-off of their song, “The Songs I Didn’t Write.” The songs sound similar, just like countless other songs sound similar to eachother – but not enough for … Continue reading

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Soundtrack Pro Getting a Facelift?

I hope so – Soundtrack Pro looks pretty dated compared to the newest releases of the Pro-Apps. Take a look at the listing on CocoaDev: Apple is seeking a senior software engineer to join Apple’s Soundtrack Pro team. Strong experience … Continue reading

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Please Upgrade – It’s Free!

Seen on Macrumors. Seems like if you have to advertise your latest update than something is wrong. Maybe that’s what you need to do for office/productivity apps, but I don’t think the people who need to be informed of the … Continue reading

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Classic Synth Sound Design: Abacab

Since finishing my read-through of the Logic 8 instruments and effects manual I’ve thought the best way to learn some sound design was not to create something new, but to replicate the sound of something that already exists. I have … Continue reading

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Razor Reviews…?

After using blades forever and never being able to get rid of razor bumps on my neck (ingrown hairs – it’s either that or go through life with a neck beard), I’ve been looking at getting an electric razor. It’s … Continue reading

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Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Reenact Monty Python Skit

Alright, we’ll call it a draw! First thing I thought of when reading that Hillary is open to being VP. Link: YouTube – Monty Python-The Black Knight

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Music Podcasters – PLEASE Use Chapters

Podcast usability pet peeve #1 – if you run a radio-type podcast featuring music you MUST use chapters. I love your show – I love discovering new music and I’ve found that your show is one of the best ways … Continue reading

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May 2008 Posts Roundup

From the past month: Pownce Vs. Twitter What Do Rick Astley and Chrono Trigger Have In Common? Powerpoint Encourages Bad Presentations iTunes and Last.FM – Getting The Best of Both Worlds with iScrobbler Like what you read here? Subscribe to … Continue reading

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