Don’t Let Anyone Tell You What You Can’t Be

A message of determination inspired by junk mail.

Look, I know you’ve been down lately. Your mood is different. You want to be alone most of the time. You just don’t think you’re good enough.

But listen – I have news for you. In the face of your low self-esteem and sense of worth, you deserve it.

You deserve to be a giant.

An email about giants

But only if you work hard at it.

I believe in you. Your friends and family believe in you. With your determination and hard work you can become a giant.

Andre The Giant

Don’t pay attention to the naysayers. They only pick on you because they don’t have dreams of their own. They lack ambition and because of that they will forever be satisfied with their TV-Dinner lifestyles. They stand for nothing.

But not you. No. You dream big…literally. You dream of being a giant. You stand for goodness.

Green Giant

Believe me. Your dream can become reality. It’s all up to you. I’ll be there to help you every giant step of the way.

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