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Ghostly Swim

One of the best releases I’ve heard this year also happens to be free. If you like anything on Ghostly International (Dabrye, Milosh, Cepia, Matthew Dear, etc) you’ll certainly like this. Ghostly Swim

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Don’t Let Anyone Tell You What You Can’t Be

A message of determination inspired by junk mail. Look, I know you’ve been down lately. Your mood is different. You want to be alone most of the time. You just don’t think you’re good enough. But listen – I have … Continue reading

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How I Wish Leopard’s Quick Look Worked for Logic Pro

What it looks like now: Just a big icon which doesn’t fulfill the purpose of Quick Look. How I wish it worked: Forgive the amateur compositing. What’s the proposal? Arrange view right in quick look window Play button and progress … Continue reading

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Deceitful Clicking and Taking Advantage of Standard Conventions

I recently uninstalled Safari on a Windows machine. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE Safari on my Mac. Despite the upcoming release of Firefox 3 and the claims of its improved efficiency I’ll probably stick with Safari because it … Continue reading

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Tearing Apart the “Slashdot” Argument

Steven Poole, after licensing a PDF of a book he wrote under Creative Commons and tallying the donation results and revealing a 0.057% rate of donations, guts the Slashdot argument: There does exist a proposal that purports to be of … Continue reading

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Indie Artists – Is Piracy Really Your Problem?

I love this post by Derek Sivers: I spoke at a conference last weekend, where a woman in the audience was SO mad about piracy that she was physically shaking, red in the face, tears in her eyes, fuming spitting … Continue reading

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48 Hours with the Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 5000

Until Saturday, the last time I bought a mouse was in 2002. It was the Logitech Mouseman Dual Optical. You’ll have a hard time finding a product page for it. It is now what Logitech calls a “Legacy” device – … Continue reading

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The Safety of Plastic Water Bottles

I have been using a #7 bottle (Nalgene) every weekday for the past 3 years. Some bottles with the number 7 indicate that the bottle contains bisphenol A, a chemical linked to reproductive and fertility problems. “The bottles with the … Continue reading

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3 Versions of Maneasy Lover – SHOWDOWN

Alright, so maybe I wasn’t the first to do it, but I definitely had this idea over a year ago. Back then there were no versions of Maneasy Lover, but if you do some Googling you’ll find at least 2 … Continue reading

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Maneasy Lover – Phil Collins Vs. Nelly Furtado

For a while I’ve been wanting to hear this mashup. I talked about it over a year ago. So, since nobody did it I decided to do it myself. It’s Nelly Furtado’s Maneater vs. Phil Collins Easy Lover. Stir them … Continue reading

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