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WordPress 2.5 and Migrating From Blogger

Now with the release of WordPress 2.5 I will probably be migrating from Blogger within the next month. If you haven’t seen what’s new with WordPress, check out the notes on version 2.5. There won’t be much new for your … Continue reading

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The Most Awesome Finder Bug Ever

Cabel Sasser of Panic demonstrates the most awesome Finder bug ever. The whole video is about how Panic started and discusses Coda, their newest application, which is awesome. Coda Confidential Panic

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The Album Isn’t Dead

Peter Kirn on Create Digital Music responds to a Tech Crunch post about how Billy Bragg thinks Bebo should pay out some of its $850 million sale price to musicians who posted music on its site: From Tech Crunch: His … Continue reading

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Automatic Concert Recommendations With iCal and Last.FM

Did you know that Last.FM can automatically recommend concerts close to you based on your music tastes? Did you also know that you can get those events right in iCal? First, go to your dashboard on Last.FM. Click on the … Continue reading

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The Bare Necessities

Wow. This article reminds me of college so much. A few weeks ago I gave a talk on the state of the economy to a group of college students — almost all Barack Obama enthusiasts — who were griping about … Continue reading

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Easter Eggs In Apple’s Web Development

Sometimes you just have to appreciate semantic markup.

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Damn Kids Think They Should Own EVERYTHING!

David Pogue writes about the generational divide when it comes to copyright. Clearly, to me, there’s a difference between making a copy for a backup and copying to not have to pay for something. Pogue’s claim is that the difference … Continue reading

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eMusic’s Audiobooks and Piracy

Back in February, Random House announced that it will allow all of its audiobooks to be sold DRM-Free. The decision came after experimenting with eMusic’s new Audiobook offerings: For tracking purposes, we watermarked all of the eMusic files and then … Continue reading

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Manufacturing Kindle…Demand

Does anyone else think that the Kindle is intentionally being trickled out and/or kept in low supply simply to create hype? Jeff Bezos patted himself on the back today: We had high hopes for Kindle before its launch, but we … Continue reading

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1.3 5G iPod Software Adds Album Ratings

Apple doesn’t give details to most iPod software updates, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that any music I added after applying the recent 1.3 update to my 5G iPod had Album Ratings – my smart playlists based on … Continue reading

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