Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Logic 8 Rumor Roundup Score

So how did we do?

New Effects and Instruments

The only new effect in Logic Pro 8 is the Delay Designer, which was expected. Other than that, a few upgrades in the compression department and that's pretty much it.

BUT, given Logic's new HUGE EXS library, you can't blame Apple for not focusing on making a new synth. Cutting the price in half and including most of the Jam packs is definitely an incredible value. If you can't find a suitable sound in Logic Studio you probably need to get new ears.

New Take Management

Yes. Much like GB's and Soundtrack's

.Caf Support

Logic 8 loops are .CAF loops, plus you can even record in .CAF now.

Touch Screen Interface

The closest we got to this is that the new interface is so cool you'll want to lick it.

It only works with Leopard

Wrong again.

No XSKey

Dongles are on the way out.

It's coming on August 20th

Partial credit for this one because it didn't come out on a Tuesday. Logic Pro 8 was released on a Wednesday, just like Logic Pro 7.

A New Name

Does Logic Studio count?

A New Interface and No Environment

I've fallen completely in love with the new interface. People asked for an interface that unfolds as they demand more features, and that's exactly what Logic Pro 8 does.

And while the Environment is still there, it might as well be as if it wasn't. Now that creating new tracks and Aux channels is so much more efficient you'll only go to the Environment for special cases.

It will Kill Pro Tools

I must confess that I've never used Pro Tools. I can't compare Logic 8's features to Pro Tools.

But check out this user review on the Apple Store:

As a former big studio engineer, I never had an issue with Pro Tools...until I went freelance.
I had the clientelle, but I simply didn't have a "spare" $25,000 to invest into a full-blown Pro Tools HD rig. So I got my PowerMac G5, and an MBox.
Almost immediately, I began to hear comments on the thinness of the sound from my clients, and even complaints about the limited track count that LE had.
Something had to be done, and that's when I started researching.
Soon, I realized that for an investment of $2,500, I could buy the Logic Studio, Apogee Ensemble, integrate them into my existing G5 setup- and INSTANTLY have every bit the editing power, composing power, and sound quality that the $25,000 PT HD rigs have.
And for a bonus, I get surround mixing capabilities, the ability to copy protect my clients valuable work on CD, the notation programs, 192k/24bit resolution, 255 track count, and the virtual instruments and amp modelling programs??
Forget about it.
It took me half a second to decide. For the first time in a long while, my clients are excited again, because they'll get to have that major label sound, but in an intimate home envirnment where they dont have to pay an arm and a leg to get it.
Thanks Logic, I'm making the switch this month!

The Unexpected

I'm not sure anybody was expecting Soundtrack Pro 2 to be included, but I suppose in retrospect it's a no brainer.

As for Mainstage, it's a welcome addition and I definitely want to do more with it. It seems that some people are upset that it's only for playing instruments and not for backing tracks.

I think that if you get too upset over that you're missing the point of live performance.