Wednesday, September 12, 2007

10 New Things In Logic Studio

Logic Studio

Besides my blog traffic dropping like a rock now that the Logic 8 rumor posts are irrelevant, here's what's new in Logic Pro Studio.

I haven't touched the application yet, but here's what I'v gathered so far. Watch out for typos - this was typed at the speed of thought and Dvorak.

1. New Interface

The Arrange window now has a media library browsing built in with Spotlight based searching. A mixing window. Dual channel interfaces let you see a channel strip and the Aux or Bus it is sent to, if that's the case. Regions aren't as flat anymore - they have a rounded/beveled look. Screensets STILL exist (so does the Environment). Plugins look like what they do in Soundtrack. The SUB SUB menu has taken a hike, and the transport now looks like it's from Digital Performer.

Many tools have been consolidated to one window; the event list, marker list, signature list, and tempo lists are now a single window.

A Track inspector now replaces the track properties on the left hand side of the arrange window.

Some typical functions are now accessible with a toolbar.

!!! There's a toolbar now!

Tools are in the upper-right hand corner of the window now, not on the left with the track inspector.

The Matrix editor is now the Piano Roll Editor.

2. No XSKey


3. New Multi-Take recording

Looks like takes are handled somewhat like GB '08s, and comping is done with a master track with selections from the marquee tool. Looks like it automatically creates crossfades for you.

4. Audio Editing

Awesome dragging of audio regions let you stretch and compress the length of recordings. There's also a "snap to transients" feature.

5. Mixer views

Disable parts of channel strips you never use. I don't think this is new, but maybe it's more accessible?

6. Automation Grouping

Write automation to a whole lot of channels at once

7. Import and Export Key Commands

No more saving preference files.

8. The Audio Window is Now The Audio Bin

It's like a bin of audio!

You can also record directly into CAF, which lifts Logic's recording time limits with AIFF and WAV. Caf can record up to around 13 hours and 30 minutes at 44.1kHz…3 hours at 192kHz.

9. No New Instruments other than new GB ones, and, Yes, an Over 30 Gig Sample Library.

But, that sample library's size seems to only be because they've included EVERY JAM PACK.

10. .Mac Sync

Did anyone see this one coming? Sync your settings, key commands, and more with .Mac.

Other Initial Thoughts

There's a lot to digest here, but it seems like besides a minor facelift and other interface updates, this is the same Logic Pro we all know and love.

Apple has also included a single application for Live Performance - MainStage. Looks like you just load your favorite plugins in Main Stage instead of launching Logic's studio environment.

Soundtrack Pro 2 is also included.

I will post later about the rumor roundup, and whether we're all ready to move up to 8.

In the meantime, many of your questions can be answered by taking a look at the Logic 8 manual.