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Points and Subscriptions – The New User-Unfriendly Payment Models

I’ve never bought a cup of coffee with tokens. Nor have I ever committed to buying (or paying for) a set number of beverages every month. It seems kind of ridiculous, right? When you want a cup of coffee you … Continue reading

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The Logic Rip-Off?

Between the complaints about the iPhone price drop and the Logic price drop I’m pretty confident you can’t satisfy everybody. I’ve been reading some posts on forums that Apple is completely ripping off its users by lowering Logic’s price. How … Continue reading

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Amazon MP3 Open for Public Beta

Amazon’s MP3 store is now open. Amazon’s MP3s are supposedly 256k VBR and, like eMusic, there’s yet another download software. And, get this, albums are typically $8.99 – not $9.99. One of the top albums is Kanye West’s new album … Continue reading

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Master Chief’s Musical Career

Halo 3 is out, and I got an Xbox 360 in anticipation. I will wait it out before jumping on it. But also don’t forget Master Chief’s musical career. He’s got a live album coming out this year.

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The Logic 8 Rumor Roundup Score

So how did we do? New Effects and Instruments The only new effect in Logic Pro 8 is the Delay Designer, which was expected. Other than that, a few upgrades in the compression department and that’s pretty much it. BUT, … Continue reading

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First Screenshot of Entourage 2008

If you went to the new Mac Office site and watched the My Day video you have already seen Entourage 2008. If you missed it, it’s because you blinked. This grainy shot is the most that’s surfaced so far, to … Continue reading

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Cakewalk Sonar 7 Announced

Cakewalk has released some details on Sonar 7, which is now shipping. There intro movie explains most of the details. Create Digital Music also has an overview of the MIDI features. But in that intro video I could’ve sworn I … Continue reading

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Mac Office 2008 Preview Site Online

The Mac BU has posted an Office 2008 preview site. Everything is slow right now – it must be getting pounded. I know it’s unfashionable to be a Mac user and actually LIKE a Microsoft product, but it looks like … Continue reading

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eMusic To Offer Audiobooks

I signed up to Audible with an offer of $7.95 for the first month. For next month it will jump to $15. eMusic will offer audiobooks at $9.99 each starting tomorrow. That will probably be when I cancel my Audible … Continue reading

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Album Sale on

Warp’s Bleep digital music store is having a sale during a month of September. All Warp albums are $6.99. Since January 2006, Bleep has been encoding its digital music in 320kbps MP3. This may be a great time to explore … Continue reading

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