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New Logic Pro on September 5th?

Although next week’s Apple event on September 5th will definitely bring in new iPods, there’s the possibility that they’ll introduce the new Logic/Apple DAW. I’m skeptical because Logic 7 had no fanfare, and why would Apple want to talk about … Continue reading

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Reason 4 Release Date Announced

Propellerheads announced the release date for Reason 4 this morning. Reason 4 is coming on 9/26. The Props have added a timer to the top of their page. As I write this, Reason 4 is expected to drop in 27 … Continue reading

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Art of Office – Free Staff Paper!

Microsoft’s Mac Business Unit has unveiled Art of Office. Art of office is a gallery of user contributed art made with Office for Mac. Contributors include Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo and more. I haven’t browsed around much, but I found … Continue reading

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Logic Mentioned on The Maccast

Logic has been getting some podcast love lately! The MacCast had a caller named Kevin discuss Logic and how Apple’s lack of communication and updates has users worried. Kevin mentioned features that he’s hoping for; stability, bug fixes, an improved … Continue reading

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Another Reason To Not Use Windows Vista

The Inquirer is reporting that Windows Vista’s network performance is throttled simply by playing audio. Apparently playing music causes Vista to throttle network performance to a small fraction of speeds seen when audio is not being played. Network speed degradation … Continue reading

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Great Interview With Cakewalk Founder on EM Podcasts

Electronic Musician’s podcast has a great interview with Cakewalk founder Greg Hendershott. Cakewalk is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Hendershott discusses Cakewalk’s beginnings, what 64-bit processing brings to audio workstations, whether there will ever be a Mac version of … Continue reading

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Logic 8 Details on Sonic TALK

Sonic State’s Sonic TALK podcast mentions some details/rumors about Logic 8. < p>The details are introduced with the “a little bird told me” disclaimer, so take as you will. Doesn’t seem like a ton of new details, but here are … Continue reading

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Ableton Announces Live LE

Ableton has just announced Live 6 LE. Live LE looks to be a light edition of Ableton Live. It’s basically the same software with some restrictions. Audio inputs are limited in LE, as are the number of Ableton MIDI instruments, … Continue reading

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One New Logic Pro Detail Confirmed

In the letters section of the September 2007 Electronic Musician, a reader writes about Logic Pro’s Export Audio To Movie command and how it doesn’t work on Intel Macs. While the reader sent emails to Apple hoping for a fix, … Continue reading

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Logic 8 Rumors I Didn’t Mention Before

Here are a few Logic 8 rumor nuggets floating around that I didn’t think were worth mentioning in the earlier post since I think they’re dead wrong. Most of these have come from anonymous comments from this blog, or anonymous … Continue reading

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