Within Reason – Intro

The Reason BoxI purchased my copy of Reason 2.0 in September 2002. I was a music student in college and I remember spending every free moment (and some moments that I should’ve spent in class) learning Reason and creating music. I had just built myself a brand new PC the spring before (with a blazing fast AMD Athlon 1.4ghz processor and a whopping 512megs of RAM) so I had plenty of horsepower to go nuts.

Truly I had entered the golden age of music production without realizing it, since I had no idea what it was like to work with a huge rack of hardware synths anyway. I had some experience with MIDI hardware synths, but all I ever really knew were software synths.

Today, I’m still on Reason 2.5 – the free update to Reason 2.0 users. It rarely gets used. Now I’m a Logic Pro user. Sometimes I use Reason with Logic Pro projects, but most of the time I find myself trying to avoid ever opening Reason in favor of Logic’s built-in synths. My guess is that I’m not the only one who does this. The only thing that keeps Reason from collecting dust is that it’s on my hard drive.

What happened? How did one of the most revolutionary pieces of software at the time of its release get secondary status in many professional and bedroom studios? Did Reason fall from the top due to incredible competition, or did Propellerheads drop the ball somewhere along the way? And will Reason 4 bring back those glory days from earlier in the decade?

Over the next week I’ll explore some of these questions in a series of posts titled Within Reason.

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