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iTunes Plus is Awesome Except When It’s Minus Choice

From Apple‘s iTunes Plus FAQ Can I upgrade previously purchased music to iTunes Plus?Yes. Any available upgrades will be show on the Upgrade My Library page (Music received for free is not eligible for upgrade). You can upgrade all music … Continue reading

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But How Does It Sound?

The Free Software Foundation launched a campaign for the Ogg Vorbis format. It lauds the codec’s free licensing for developers and encourages listeners to switch over for that reason. The problem is that it being open source is not enough … Continue reading

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Blizzard has finally announced Starcraft II – and like their homepage says – hell, it’s about time. Time to upgrade your PC/Mac. Maybe. I don’t know – I didn’t see any minimum specs yet as I’m reading the announcements as … Continue reading

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Desktop Organization

I’m getting this desktop organizer for work: It has three sticker in this photo: Incoming – those go in. Outgoing – those go out. Sales – …I guess those go nowhere.

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Easily Move Your Emusic MP3s Into iTunes With Automator

I’ve created an Automator workflow that will move the MP3s you download from Emusic into iTunes. Consider this version 1.0, or maybe 0.9.The following workflow is customized for my method, so you’ll likely want to edit it for your own … Continue reading

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New Order Is No More

According to Pitchfork, New Order has split up.I don’t think too highly of their last album, and I think it’s better for a band to call it quits instead of making mediocre album after mediocre album for the rest of … Continue reading

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Why Teach Something That’s Almost Obsolete?

Apple recently posted 3 new seminars on Logic Pro 7. There’s one on the Logic Pro Instruments, Audio Production, and Remixing. They’re very cool and inspiring to watch, despite the stream of sales pitches for the Mac Pro and Apogee … Continue reading

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Make Coda Feel More Like Dreamweaver

Are you trying to do more of your web design and development in Coda but find yourself missing the split view of Dreamweaver?Miss it no longer. While not so obvious, Coda offers the same view.Here’s what you do.1 – Load … Continue reading

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Quicksilver and iTunes – A Match Made In Heaven

For years I had been using Sizzlingkeys for controlling iTunes. One of my biggest peeves about iTunes was that I had to stop what I was doing to change a track, apply a rating, turn down the volume – or … Continue reading

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