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FM This!

When I want to learn more about a MIDI sequencer or DAW I do a cover. It frees my mind from having to think a lot about the actual music and more about just getting it into a computer. I … Continue reading

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Tell eMusic What You Think (and how much you make)!

eMusic is sending out emails requesting that users fill out a survey asking them about features they’d like to see, what they dislike the most, and how the service can improve. There were 3 big things for me: 1 – … Continue reading

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I’m Not An Authority On Future Apple Product Releases

Maybe I’d like to think I am – I did send feedback for iPhoto in 2005 that said something like “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if iPhoto had something like podcasts for pictures? You could call it ‘photocasts’ or something … Continue reading

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Why I Bought A License For Coda

I don’t do web development full time and I still want features that Dreamweaver has. So why would I get a license for Coda?Part of it is because I want to discipline myself into doing more hand coding. I can … Continue reading

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A Milestone In My iTunes Library

Today is a joyous occasion in my iTunes library. After about a year of hard work and perseverance, every song in my library has a rating. With a small library of 15 gigs there wasn’t much point in rating music. … Continue reading

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Bjórk Intrudes My Earth

Few things are scarier than this face looking at you bright and early in the iTunes store.I would’ve loved to see a video of a photographer editing this shot in Aperture or Lightroom.They really need to make those colors pop.

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Panic On The Streets of London, Coda On The Streets Of Birmingham

Hardly anybody knew anything about Coda 48 hours ago, but I’ve been wanting it since I first started using Dreamweaver on OSX. It was another instance of a Mac app that’s not really a Mac app. Panels that are floating … Continue reading

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Wow, That’s Amazing! You Really Are The Whipmaster!

I love this sketch.

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The Quicksilver Intro

I guess it wouldn’t be right to talk about GTD without mentioning Quicksilver.The basic introduction that everyone gets to Quicksilver is to think of it as an application launcher. Well, that’s great, but why have a launcher when you have … Continue reading

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Planned Downtime

Sometime soon I will be moving this blog from to I’m not switching to WordPress (although it tempts me). I’ll continue to use Blogger for hosting and publishing. A word of warning for others thinking of doing this. … Continue reading

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