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Seeing That Task To Completion

I’ve been reading about the Getting Things Done “action-management” system by David Allen. This is not like the Gettin’ R Done system by Larry The Cable Guy. GTD basically states that you can’t manage time, but you can manage actions, … Continue reading

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New Logic Tomorrow? Don’t Bet On It.

Since the disappearance of the Logic Pro 7.2 Crossgrade has mysteriously gone missing, hype of a new release has come to a boil. Except that the crossgrade is now back at the Apple Store. Go to the Apple Software section … Continue reading

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With Everyone Talking About Logic Who Could Forget About CS3?

Adobe announced CS3 today. I’m still on CS1 apps, so I will probably be moving up to CS3 ASAP. I just took the new feature tour of Dreamweaver CS3. Cool new features include Photoshop integration and better CSS management. Indesign … Continue reading

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What Is Logic Pro X?

Instructional book publisher Delmar lists a book named “Logic Pro X Power” with a release date of November. Amazon lists the same book with a release of April 30th. Neither listing notes any new features, new instruments or new effects. … Continue reading

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I Got To Use Windows Vista

After only a few hours of using Vista, I will say this: it’s the best version of Windows ever. On the right hardware it’s pretty snappy and it looks fantastic. But I’d still rather work on OSX. Peeve 1 – … Continue reading

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Daft Punk Sampling

In case you haven’t seen it yet: Of course, Daft Punk lists samples used in their liner notes, although I couldn’t find some of the samples listed in this video in the notes, like the one for “Harder, Better, Faster, … Continue reading

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More Logic Talk

Wow. Looks like people are really starved for any word on Logic. After publishing my previous post it rode the coattails of the other postings on the internet. It also got linked from Ars Technica, Create Digital Music, and other … Continue reading

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