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Will There Be No Logic Pro 8?

It’s been almost 2 and a half years since the last version of Logic. My best guess for a new version of Logic to be released will be MusikMesse, but after no mention of it at NAMM I guess it … Continue reading

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Sirius and XM Merge

XM Exec: Hey, now that we’ve merged I think it’s important that we come up with our new corporate image and logo! Sirius Exec: You’re absolutely right! I was thinking that we should somehow incorporate both of our brands into … Continue reading

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Emusic and Automator

I’ve been wanting to learn more about programming in OSX. This would encompass learning Objective-C, which would be a long learning process. I can’t even do Javascript, so Obj-C is a bit out of my range. So, in the meantime … Continue reading

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Finally Got A New Camera

I really like Flickr, and while there’s a lot of hoopla about it going to hell because of Yahoo buying it I think I’ll only use it more until I find a better alternative. Part of the reason I’ll use … Continue reading

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Living In A DRMless World

A few days after I posted my anti-Apple/DRM rant Steve Jobs wrote an open letter about DRM. Basically, if Apple could sell music without DRM, they would. Jobs does not mention movies and TV shows, but I assume that, given … Continue reading

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Sometimes Apple Fanatics Bother Me

Having confidence in a brand can be a wonderful thing. Some people define themselves through the brands they use. They might be “Nintendo” people, “BMW” drivers, “Family Guy” watchers, “Bath and Body Works” shoppers, and “Apple” fanatics. Having that love … Continue reading

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