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Music of 2006

Let’s do this again, just like last year’s list. This is not really a list of the best music of 2006, but the music that defined 2006 for me. Album That’s Pretty Good That I Actually Thought Would Suck The … Continue reading

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Buying Hosting From GoDaddy Is Almost Like Shopping At Best Buy

I’ve been looking for an opportunity to do more with web development and design, so I took the jump and bought a year of hosting from GoDaddy. I’ve read that GoDaddy isn’t the best, but I didn’t want to spend … Continue reading

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Pat Yourself on The Back!

Did you know that you are Time’s Person of the Year? It’s true! Through the use of the internet you empowered yourself and others around you by completely side-stepping traditional media. You edited Wikipedia entries, uploaded videos, dugg stories, and … Continue reading

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About Disco – Why It’s Not Quite The Toast of The Town

In the Mac development community there’s been some discussion of Disco. Disco is being touted by the developers as “the last burning app you’ll ever need” for only $14.95 (introductory price. Out of beta it’ll shoot up to $24.95.) Compared … Continue reading

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Kill them with kindne-…eh, just kill them

I found a great post from a Digg comment about customer service and the lack of basic manners and respect granted to people in service-based industries. The phrase ‘The Customer is Always Right’ is the single worst philosophy that has … Continue reading

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South Park on iTunes: Season 10B Now Free for 10A Subscribers?

There was a little bit of controversy back when iTunes unveiled the Season Pass of South Park’s 10th Season. People were upset because they didn’t realize that the season would be split up. I bought the Season Pass thinking that … Continue reading

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Christmas Shopping At Home

Amazon is getting pounded tonight. Trying to buy something is like watching molasses flow out of a glass in -20˚ weather. After about an hour of browsing Amazon and trying to remember the name of some toy, and then giving … Continue reading

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The End Of An Era: My First Mac

Tonight I broke my Powerbook G4. I was watching some videos in my favorite recliner when my dog whined to go out. Thinking nothing of it, I lifted my leg over my Powerbook to stand up. But my leg got … Continue reading

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How The Xbox 360 Is Winning This Holiday Season

I’ve been Wii hunting. K-Mart didn’t have any. 2 Walmarts didn’t have any. Target didn’t have any. EB didn’t have any. Best Buy didn’t have any. Even Sears didn’t have any. And none of these places knew when they were … Continue reading

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Horny Manatee Dot Com

I used to watch Conan O’Brien a lot in college, but usually only for the first 20 minutes for the bits. Characters like the Masturbating Bear, Pimpbot 5000 and Preparation H Raymond made the show. Apparently on a show this … Continue reading

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