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The Tower Is Dead

I was cleaning things up around my desk and realized how big and hefty my PowerMac G5 is. And the more I thought about it, the more I thought about how loud it was. Plus, it heats up a room … Continue reading

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Reich, Dawkins, and Flying Spaghetti Monsters

Jen pointed me to this interview with Steve Reich on Pitchfork. He just turned 70 (!!!) and Nonesuch is releasing a collection of his Phase music. Reading it reminded me of Three Tales, him and his wife’s digital video opera. … Continue reading

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The Internet Isn’t Killing Punctuation and Grammar

It’s just exposing how bad we are at it. This article suggests that because of the rise of emails, instant messaging, blogs and MySpace comments, traditional use of punctuation is dying. People are in too much of a rush to … Continue reading

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Wii Madness Has Begun

People are going to write big articles about their Wii campouts. I think this guy sums it up.

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Best YTMND I’ve seen in a while. Wonka Breaks It Down

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5 Tips To Make Your Emails More Effective

How do miscommunications happen? Why do you find that you have to repeat yourself? Maybe it has something to do with how you write your email. Do everyone a favor and follow these 5 email tips. Plan Out Your Email … Continue reading

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Bye-Bye, Mac Elitist

Thank Christ that he’s leaving. The Mac guy in the latest Macintosh ads has done nothing but perpetuate the stereotype of arrogance and self-importance that’s typically reserved for Mac users. He may not be Windows’ best marketing icon, but I … Continue reading

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My Election Coverage

Spitzer winning NY Gov is good, especially since he’s not afraid to go after payola scandals. I hope he does well as governor. This Mac OSX themed summation of Rumsfeld’s resignation is good. Democratic victories suggest people don’t like the … Continue reading

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Dammit, Phil Collins!

For the past week I’ve been driving into work with the song Easy Lover on repeat. I suppose that when addicts get out of rehab they may be tempted by a drug once in a while but resist the temptation. … Continue reading

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In Defense of Emusic

Emusic announced to its subscribers that it will be changing its subscription plans this month. Old vs. New Rates Basic Plan: $10 – 40 Downloads, 30 Downloads Plus Plan: $15 – 65 Downloads, 50 Downloads Premium Plan: $20 – 90 … Continue reading

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