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Make Your Korg padKontrol Perform a Lightshow

Not a true lightshow, but something cool nonetheless. Besides the X/Y pad on the padKontrol, another cool feature is that each individual pad is configured by default to light up upon being pressed. Did you know that you could make … Continue reading

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Sounds Good! Logic and ProTools Podcast

I had briefly considered the idea of starting a video podcast about Logic Pro after seeing how little coverage it got in any the iTunes podcast directory. Any podcasts I did find were more to promote tutorial videos for software. … Continue reading

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"I Like To Think of Myself as A Young Alec Guinness"

I caught this off Boing-Boing. It’s an actor named Brian Atene screening testing for Full Metal Jacket. He starts off babbling about his schooling and then says that Stanley Kubrick is “one of the greatest directors of all time, although … Continue reading

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The Advantage

The problem with being the first to break ground is that if you don’t keep up you’ll be quickly copied, or worse, beaten at your own game. About 6 years ago The Minibosses were the first real known band doing … Continue reading

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5 Tradeshow Guidelines For Newbies

You’re fresh out of high school/college and into the real world, and you’re headed for your first tradeshow! You’re excited…and nervous, as you should be. You may be in a big city you’ve never been to before, you may realize … Continue reading

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Write Away OR We All Can’t Be David Sedaris

A while back I posted about Sir Ken Robinson’s TED Talk. Mena Trott’s talk is also hosted. Trott is a co-founder of Six Apart, the company that brings you TypePad, Movable Type and Livejournal. They’re also jumping on the restricted, … Continue reading

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Nobody Knows How The Music Business Works

Check out this story: Restaurant owner says songs may cost him his business Basically, this guy didn’t have the proper licenses for music performance, got called on it, and now has to pay for the violations. Now, check out these … Continue reading

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"I Think You Best Get On My Body…"

My brother let me borrow Edmond. Basically, William H. Macy plays a character that, after seeing a tarrot card reader, believes his life is a sham, and tries to find himself (or get laid, however you want to look at … Continue reading

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File Sharers Could Work For The Bush Administration

They use the same logic to justify what they do. Bush Administration Action: Invade Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein because he was responsible for 9/11, get weapons of mass destruction and fight war against terror. Result: After bombing, invading and … Continue reading

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The Edsel, and Why You Shouldn’t Talk To Your Customers Like They’re Teenagers

About a year ago I went to this 2-day marketing seminar in Vermont. The first day was pretty good. I was able to make a schedule comprosing of the 2 sessions going on during each segment. Some stuff was about … Continue reading

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