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Commercial Art and Honey Sweetened Puffs

I use Indesign CS at work. I haven’t gotten very into it yet because there’s pretty much only one task I do. I’d like to do a lot more with it like sell sheets and catalogs. A few days ago … Continue reading

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Sometimes, It’s Just Easier To Handcode

Before, I talked about being skeptical of people who are strict about handcoding. I see the appeal now, but it doesn’t have much to do with creating clean code as it is to saving myself from having to navigate through … Continue reading

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Did you hear the one about the pirate?

A pirate walks into a bar and he’s got a steering wheel attached to his balls. So a patron asks him, “Sir, do you realize that you have a steering wheel on your testicles?” To which the pirate replies, “Arhhhh…and … Continue reading

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Marketing Doesn’t Have To Be Evil

But oftentimes it is. I actually don’t mind marketing efforts coming at me when it is relevant to my interests. I like music, so I don’t mind being on a CD store mailing list. I like computer stuff, so I … Continue reading

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The Closest To Geek I’ve Ever Been

Tonight I finished reading my first book on webdesign. I’ve been reading bits and pieces of Foundation Web Design with Dreamweaver 8 for about a little over a month. I’ve always known a little HTML, but never really understood CSS … Continue reading

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The Friends Box

I’m sure a lot of guys relate to this…

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Flagr: Tag your Map

I like the concept behind Flagr. Flagr is a site that lets you tag areas of a map. You could walk out of a restaurant you really liked and with your cell phone tag the location of the restaurant and … Continue reading

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