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How Does SPAM Work?

I’ll never understand. Sometimes I get the weirdest junk mail. Sure, I get junk about Rolex watches, Cialis and Viagra, but sometimes crap comes in that clearly doesn’t offer any kind of service or product. For instance, I got this … Continue reading

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How I Amuse Myself At Work Sometimes

I only expect Jen to get this…

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DS Lite – What I Will Name My Boy

Speaking of good design, I bought myself a Nintendo DS Lite. I never had the regular DS, but this little guy is actually one of the sleekest handheld devices I’ve ever used. It’s obviously taken some cues from Apple. It’s … Continue reading

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Get Rid of Clutter

I was thinking about what it means to be focused. My nieces like to play with my musical equipment. If I have the keyboard out, they bang on it. If I have a microphone out they scream into it. If … Continue reading

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