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Very Cool Nintendo DS Comparisions

Yes, it is very Apple inspired. Jim has been telling me that I should pick one of these up for a while, but he goes through videogames and consoles so fast that I don’t know whether to trust him. Being … Continue reading

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Nintendo DS Lite

Whitey Originally uploaded by Mike Ledford. I want one of these BADLY and I’m not even sure why!

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You Have To Buy This Jamie Lidell Album

I think it’s a law now. It’s that good. I wrote before that Jackson and His Computer Band released my favorite album of 2005. Smash is very good, but I don’t come back to it as much as Multiply. I’ve … Continue reading

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Holy Crap – It’s Been A Year!

Yeah, my first post was on May 12th, 2005. And it was about Michel Gondry. In a year I’ve written 120 postings, mostly about music and Macs. I named the blog after my favorite Smith’s song. I’m not even sure … Continue reading

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Controversy In The Adirondacks

If you look at photos of Upstate NY you’re likely to see clichéd pictures of flowers, mountains, leaves, waterfalls and other nature shots. Rarely do you ever see things like this: This is a shot of the back of a … Continue reading

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Goldfrapp and Logic

I noticed that in the video features of Goldfrapp‘s Supernature DVD that Will Gregory uses Logic to work on the album. So I thought I’d give a song a try. Satin Chic Chords are something like: Dm (first 4 bars) … Continue reading

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The Nerdiest Pranks Ever

Ever hear of Improv Everywhere? Apparently it’s a group founded by a guy who took classes at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade theater in New York. They do something that’s similar to flash mobs, but it’s a little different. Their latest … Continue reading

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I’m Falling In Love With Flickr Again!

Yeah, I already wrote about Flickr, but today I renewed my interest in digital photography. Today I signed up for a Pro account, so I’ve been in the process of uploading a bunch of photos. If you have a Yahoo … Continue reading

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Everybody Wants To Be A DJ…I Just Want To Be A Drummer

So I grabbed the Kork padKONTROL instead of all the other pads I was looking at. One of the reasons I got this over the Trigger Finger was that the padKONTROL has an X/Y axis you can assign to any … Continue reading

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