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Haven’t Done Much Music Lately

But I did come across a free plugin for lo-fi wavetable synthesis, AKA Nintendo sounds. I made this from memory. Some people may recognize it as the level 1 music from Beetlejuice for the NES. Others will close their browser … Continue reading

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They Are Night Zombies and all that jazz

So, I knew that Night of The Living Dead was in the public domain, but I did not know that it’s available on the Internet Archive as a DVD-Quality download! Check it out. Not to be cheesy, but this really … Continue reading

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Memories From College Days: I Lost My Indie/Hipster Cred A Long Time Ago

Flashback – CMJ Festival 2003 at the Kindercore Showcase Paraphrased Record promoter guy: Jen! Jen: (Record promoter guy)! How’s it going. RPG: Listen…Elliot Smith died today! Jen: …what? RPG: He killed himself… Jen: … (Jen turns to Dan) Jen: Dan…Elliot … Continue reading

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You Should Spend Money On This Because It’s MAGICAL!

The Academy awards aired a few weeks ago. I didn’t catch much of it, but what I did see almost always contained the theme for the night. That theme, of course, was “PLEASE SPEND MONEY AT THE CINEMA!!!” It’s kind … Continue reading

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There’s a reason I haven’t been posting much lately

And it’s because I bought myself a Gamecube. I got a pretty decent deal on Ebay. The package included: • Platinum Gamecube System • 2 Gamecube Controllers (1 indigo, 1 platinum) • Resident Evil • Resident Evil 0 • Resident Evil … Continue reading

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I want to tell you about Camino. Camino (originally Chimera) is a browser for Mac OSX that’s been in development since 2002 by the Mozilla team, the same team that develops Firefox. When I first started using a Mac full-time … Continue reading

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