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NATSEM and the Seminar Sales Pitch

Anyone who works in an office surely gets junk mail, and surely this mail consists of flyers with “Improve Your Management Skills!” and “OSHA Standards and What It Means For Your Business.” Many of these flyers come from National Seminars, … Continue reading

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Powermac G5!!

Yes, I bought one. The new machine is a Dual 2ghz G5. Not the new dual-core machine; this one is the previous model. And it screams. It is so smooth. Music projects that gave me nothing but errors from being … Continue reading

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Macs in Love

This reminds me alot of when Andrew and Eric made their iBooks kiss.

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Car Parties and Wiper Phases

Jen Abounader told me once that there’s always a party in my car. Today was no exception (really liking Basement Jaxx now). What put it over the top though is that for a good 3 minutes my windshield wiper were … Continue reading

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New Autoload

So, after last night’s “discovery” and about 40 minutes of work, I’ve made a new autoload. This is only the Arrange window. The environment is even more convoluted, although not nearly complex as it can get. The changes: • Increased … Continue reading

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Auxillary Channels!

I’m an idiot for not doing more research on what the EXS24‘s multiple output function was for. Here I am making my drums as simple stereo tracks (for years) never thinking that I could reassign each part of the sampled … Continue reading

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Ladytron – The Witching Hour

Ladytron Originally uploaded by Kazaroth. Electronic music needs more groups like Ladytron. Sure. Richard D. James is good, but I would rather look at this during a show than AFX.HOT!!

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"Real" Piracy

Record labels are saying that they want a cut of Apple’s iPod profits because their content exist as a vehicle to sell iPods. Why is it then that no one is arguing that iPods exist as a vehicle to sell … Continue reading

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It’s funny. A few posts ago I was talking about how digital music distribution can never completely replace physical distribution. I still believe that, but eMusic comes very close. eMusic was at the forefront of digital downloads way back it … Continue reading

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