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Don’t Buy Sony Headphones

I love my iPod, but I cannot stand the stock earbuds. They’re uncomfortable and I don’t understand how people can live with them. So, I was happy when I was given Sony’s MDR-EX71 (AKA Fontopia) headphones as a gift for … Continue reading

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Podcasting Is Overrated

iTunes 4.9 was released this week, bringing the newest internet phenomenon to everyone who uses the software. While people are already calling Podcasting the future of journalism I think they’re quick to judge. What I like about podcasting right now … Continue reading

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The New Rock Stars

The DJ market is rising. It’ll explode in the next 10 years. It’s already begun. Why are people foregoing guitars and buying DJ starter kits? Because it’s fun! I was listening to Armand Van Helden’s New York: A Mix Odyssey, … Continue reading

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Name The First Two Things That Came To Your Mind After Seeing The Cover of Billy Corgan’s Solo Album

Cancer Boy Annie Lennox < p> Corgan was featured in the latest Remix magazine to talk about TheFutureEmbrace (note the lack of spaces, thus making the album much more “cool” and trendy because hipsters break the rules, even in english). … Continue reading

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That’s Delicious

Wil Shipley is the the founder of a software company called Delicious Monster. They’ve made a small fortune off a piece of software called Delicious Library. Basically, you can scan in or type UPC information of CDs, DVD, and videogames. … Continue reading

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We Should Upgrade!

Microsoft has this annoying ad campaign going on for the new Office. It features dinosaurs making mistakes like sending everyone in the company a list of everyone’s salary, or how some team member called out sick and the team has … Continue reading

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The NAMM Badges Came Yesterday

Very cool. Growing up, I used to go to Lighting trade shows with my family. Now’s my turn!

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Music Clubs and Ethics

When I was a teenager I used to join and rejoin music clubs like Columbia House and BMG. Deals were something like “Buy 11 CDs For Only a Penny!” or “Get 12 CDs For The Price of One!” The flyers … Continue reading

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Logic Is So Complex That It Amazes Me Sometimes

I’ve been using this program for music composition since 2003 and I STILL have no idea of how dense it is. So, this summer I want to get myself on a strict lesson plan and read and practice one chapter … Continue reading

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A Few Things I Should Work At

To Better Myself More Exercise. Stop Drinking Coffee(?!) Get More Sleep Get To Sleep Earlier (?!) Wake Up Earlier (?!!)

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