“Some Thoughts on Streaming Music”

Kirk McElhrean’s “Some Thoughts on Streaming Music“:

Streaming music encourages detachment from the music; ownership encourages investment. When you flit around from one album, one song to another, you experience the music as mere entertainment. But when you own music, you’ve invested money in your purchase, which causes you to invest time in it as well. Instead of seeing the music is ephemeral, it enters your life, and you listen to it to see how it can change your life.

I agree with a lot of what Kirk says – there are some albums that are important in my life. In cases like that, music is timeless.

On the other hand, I have albums in my collection I regret buying because I bought them on a whim. It was part of the current pop culture trend. Music is not timeless for these.

Music is timeless…

I still think it’s fair to listen to an album once on Spotify – then if it’s something I want to add to my collection, to my life, buy it. But that could all change if some music streaming company finally gets it right. I think I’d like streaming to feel like ownership. I don’t want my music choices limited by who has set up distribution for Spotify and others.