Training a beard

Ask metafilter question:

The manual that came with the razor claims that it will take 10-12 days to “train my beard” to the new razor so that I’ll get an optimal shave, and that I’m not to use a manual razor in the meantime. Research I did before buying the electric razor indicates that all manufacturers say something similar–two to four weeks for the best shave. Why is this?

I just bought a fancy-shmancy electric razor and I’ve always assumed the “it takes two weeks for your face to get used to it” was just a way of making product returns a little more difficult.

I asked my barber about this yesterday and he says it’s true – you need to train your face for an electric. It’s probably not merely a ploy to keep you from returning an electric razor.

I’ll have to write about my shaving experiences over the years in more depth later. In short, I went like this.

  1. Mach 3 (resulting in bumps)
  2. Buying into the DE wet shaving craze (still getting bumps)1
  3. Fuck this I’ll grow a beard (can’t see bumps)
  4. Bite the bullet and buy an expensive electric razor (we shall see)

  1. Most of my thoughts on DE and the PROCESSS of you becoming a real man through it now seems to me more like how you’re not a real fan of beer unless it’s really thick beer with 10% ABV that you need to chew. After trying it for years, hoping it would solve my problems, I’ve became disenchanted with it. I’ve noticed more and more the small cottage industry making youtube videos claiming you’ll be more manly if you buy these expensive sharp things from them. DE advocates claim you’ll save money going their route, but you’ll spend just as much as an electric trying to find what’s right for your face.