The Burden of Likes

The Washington Post reports on Facebook fatigue.

Everyone complaining about News Feed being bloated may as well be saying “Oh, why aren’t these people talking about what I find interesting and important? All they talk about is what THEY find interesting and important!”

What is that thing that Dennis Miller said? “There’s nothing more important to me than my orgasm and nothing less important to me than your orgasm.”

You can make your News Feed what you want. All those boring updates you see? You’re the one who invited them in.

But I will agree with this:

…not only are some Facebook users unhappy with the information overload — a significant proportion don’t like how the service makes them feel obligated to engage in the same sort of oversharing.

I think this is the behavior FB has encouraged over the years and it’s gotten them into a mess. Now they believe that pretty iPhone apps are going to change it.